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Anti-Virus and Security


With today’s sophisticated electronic communications, there is almost nobody who can be sure their system is totally safe from attack by computer viruses. If you are connected to the Internet, use emails, or even accept files on disk from anyone else – even good friends – your system is open to infection. It is important that you use good anti-virus software, and essential that you keep it up to date because new viruses are coming out at the rate of around 1000 per year – that’s an average of nearly three new viruses each day!

We can supply and install Sophos Anti-Virus: arguably the best anti-virus software available.

If you are conneted to the Internet – especially with a ‘permanently on’ connection such as ADSL (also called broadband) or a leased-line link to a service provider – it is advisable to use a firewall to block any attempt to hack into your system from outside. We can install and set up firewalls if required.

We can also advise on computer security in general.